The 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe

By: Austin Grandt

Planning a tour to Europe and confused where to go? No worries as we are here with a list of best places in to visit in Europe for anyone who ...

Notre Dame Travel

Why you should quit your job and travel now

By: Jessica R. Yurasek

It’s not too late.Now that I’m 31, I understand why people say travel while you’re young because once you’re older, you won’t get the chance.But it’s not that you won’t ...

Travel by Bike

4 Videos that Will Inspire You to Travel By Bike

By: Austin Grandt

Adventure tourism is a growing industry that has grown by 65% since 2009. Adventure travel includes a broad swath of activities from anything like whitewater rafting to travel by bike. ...

Plane Overhead

Are You a Travel Pro? Get Featured on Trip Dojo!

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The team at trip dojo has been working on a new feature to get an insiders view of what gear the top travelers from around the globe are using. We ...

Life in Transit

Life in Transit - Finding Home at 30,000 Feet

By: Austin Gunter

The straightest line from most places in the US to Europe isn’t a straight line across a map, but it’s an arc that follows the natural curvature of the Earth. ...

Beautiful National Parks

5 Beautiful National Parks You Need to See This Year

By: Lachlan Nicholson

Traveling in 2016? We collected 5 beautiful national parks you will want to throw on the bucket list. These parks are all around the world so no matter what region ...

Philippines Beautiful Landscape

6 Experiences You Can't Miss in the Philippines

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Traveling to the Philippines soon? Want to? The island nation is becoming an increasingly popular spot to travel to for people from around the globe. The beaches, jungle, culture, and ...

Roam Co Living

Roam Co-Living is the Apartment Lease for Digital Nomads

By: Austin Grandt

Finding an apartment to live in is a challenge for anyone. Finding something in your price range in the right neighborhood can seem impossible at times. Now imagine if you ...