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4 Videos that Will Inspire You to Travel By Bike


Dec. 14, 2015 - Austin Grandt

Adventure tourism is a growing industry that has grown by 65% since 2009. Adventure travel includes a broad swath of activities from anything like whitewater rafting to travel by bike. Travelers can opt to utilize the many tour groups that specialize in this industry, or they can opt to take the road less traveled and plan their own trip. The videos below are great examples of people planning a trip and hitting the road on their bikes.

While traveling by bike is definitely a more rigorous form of travel than many are typically used to, it can force you to stop and “smell the roses”. Many people who choose to travel by bike choose their mode of transport by the increased chances of meeting locals and getting to truly experience a country. This, along with the inherent adventurous nature of setting off on your own, are what make bike travel alluring. Use these videos below to inspire your own bike trip.

1. Adventure: From Germany to Asia by Bike

This video follows two cyclists on their 10 month journey from Germany to China completely by bike. The sheer scale of the trip is massive, but the bikers effectively boil down the best of the trip into 3 short minutes. Beautiful landscapes and the remote nature of the trip make this a beautiful video to inspire your next bike trip.

2. The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon to Patagonia

Kenny Laubbacher followed his friend Jed for a month on his ride from Oregon to Patagonia. Along the way, he asked his friend why he started on this journey in hopes that his story could kickstart other people to embark on their own adventure. This video serves as a good reminder that life is finite and to constantly be challenging yourself and embarking on your own journey.

3. Island of Thorns – Crossing Corsica by Bike

This video recounts the journey of two friends who ride mountain bikes across Corsica. The trail is punishing and unlike most other videos out there. Those who are looking for a more remote adventure will find inspiration in this video

4. What is Bicycle Travel?

This short video gives an overview of the benefits of travel. It provides a quick insight into what bicycle travelers seek when they hit the road and begin their tour.

Thinking about your own bike trip? Have some questions on what to pack? Have a video you think we should see? Leave a comment below.

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