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Are You a Travel Pro? Get Featured on Trip Dojo!


Feb. 3, 2016 - Austin Grandt

The team at trip dojo has been working on a new feature to get an insiders view of what gear the top travelers from around the globe are using. We are excited to announce that we are featuring Travel Pros. The Travel Pro profile features what the world’s most prolific travelers are carrying in their bags. Everything from what they’re reading to what they always carry in case of an emergency. Many of us out there have interesting stories behind what we pack. We want to showcase what we love about travel and the items that make it possible to stay on the road. There is a travel pro within all of us and let’s share those stories together.

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What Travel Pros Will We Feature?

We are hoping to feature many different types of travelers from all walks of life. You can expect us to profile digital nomads, road warriors, travel hackers, and everyone in between. The variety of people should hopefully spark a bit of inspiration and maybe even convince you to pick up an item or two for your own travel kit.


Want to be profiled? Know someone that should? Pass along this link. We have open submissions and will reach out after you submit our form!

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