Low Cost Carriers in Europe

Low Cost Airlines in Europe


Jan. 21, 2016 - Austin Grandt

Here at Trip Dojo, we operate with the belief that with enough planning and frugal living, travel can be accessible for almost anyone. The cost of flying has been going down, partly due to lower fuel costs, almost across the board for both domestic and international travel. The rise of low cost carriers has given way to insanely low prices for the adventurous traveler. Americans can now travel across the pond for a few hundred dollars and those in Europe are now able to sometimes fly for under $20.

It should be noted that when you fly these carriers, there are often a lot of “gotchas” in the form of added fees. Everything from printing your boarding pass at the airport to having to pay for food are often a part of flying on these carriers. Make sure to read the fine print and take note of what you need to to do avoid any fees that you might incur when booking a cheap ticket. That being said, those who plan ahead can often score some great deals so they can travel for much cheaper.

Below is a master list of the low cost airlines in Europe to provide our readers with a reference point for travelers planning their trip. This list is likely to change, grow, or shrink as time goes on but we believe that low cost airlines in Europe are here to stay.  Next time you are traveling around the continent, consider these options as your mode of transport. You may be able to find some serious savings.

List of Low Cost Airlines in Europe:

  • Ryanair
  • EasyJet
  • Wizz Air
  • German Wings
  • Wow Air
  • Norwegian Air


Ryan Air

Ryanair is one of the best known low cost carriers in Europe largely because of their media stunts and rock bottom prices. They are famous for advertising tickets from £1 and also just as famous for some of the “inventive” ways they tack on various fees. Their network is extensive across Europe and there are even rumors that the CEO wants to start flying from Europe to North America.

Information on Ryanair

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Number of Routes: 1,600
Hub Cities: London Stansted, Dublin
Link to their Website



EasyJet is another well-known low cost carrier that has it’s headquarters out of the London Luton airport. Like Ryan Air, they are known for having a lot of fees so make sure to measure your carry on, pay for luggage beforehand, and print your ticket out before the airport.

Information on EasyJet

Headquarters: London Luton Airport, United Kingdom
Number of Routes: 600
Major Cities: London, Milan, Edinburgh
Link to their Website

Wizz Air

Wizz Air

The Hungary based carrier is known for their signature purple planes that can be seen at many airports around Europe. Wizz Air is a very young company (it was started in 2003) and it has been in rapid growth mode ever since. If you are already in Europe, make sure to check out their new Middle East routes which can get you as far as Dubai for a very low price.

Information on Wizz Air

Headquarters: Budapest, Hungary
Number of Routes: 410
Major Cities: Budapest, Warsaw, Gdansk
Link to their Website


German Wings

Germanwings is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa and operates out of their main hub in Berlin. While the airline received bad press in 2015 for an unfortunate accident where plane crashed into a mountainside, the carrier overall is known as a good option to get around Europe. For those more adventurous take a look at their blind booking feature, where you can snag a flight for dirt cheap based on an activity that you’d like to do.

Information on Germanwings

Headquarters: Cologne, Germany
Number of Routes: 130
Major Cities: Cologne, Berlin
Link to their Website

Wow Air

Wow Air

Wow air has recently made some waves in the US as they have been offering flights from $99 per way from the US to Iceland and other European destinations. Their network extends far into Europe, but be aware that most flights are routed through Reykjavik, their main hub. This means that you could be backtracking a lot and losing time. There are many worse place to route through than Reykjavik and Wow Air even offers a free stopover in Iceland for those wanting to double their trip. The Points Guy did a great writeup about their experience on the airline, which seemed to have many amenities despite being a budget carrier.

Information on Wow Air

Headquarters: Reykjavik, Iceland
Number of Routes: 23
Major Cities: Reykjavik, Iceland
Link to their Website

Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air has the largest footprint around the globe out of all of the low cost airlines in Europe. Norwegian is another way for American to fly to Europe cheaply. Currently they fly from Oakland, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Miami and you can often find fares for under a couple hundred dollars per way. For those already in Europe, Norwegian has a pretty extensive network that extends all the way over to Asian destinations like Bangkok.

Information on Norwegian Air

Headquarters: Bærum, Norway
Number of Routes: 100+
Major Cities: Oslo, London Gatwick, Stockholm
Link to their Website


As you can see, there are a number of low cost airlines in Europe that should provide you with enough options to begin researching a vacation for any budget. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter and if you have any that you would like to add, please let us know in the comments below!

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