The Hideout Travel Pillow wants to make your next flight more comfortable

By: Austin Grandt

Travelling, whether on car or plane, can be very tiring and can result in serious health problems. One such problem that commonly arises especially during the long journey is neck ...

Travel Man Outside

The Best Travel Gifts for Men this Year

By: Austin Grandt

Having trouble finding a gift for your friend, boyfriend, or husband? Our team went through and made a thorough list of the best travel gifts for men to find the ...


PRVKE 21 - An Innovative Travel Photography Bag

By: Austin Grandt

We have a special treat for everyone who loves taking and sharing their photos as they travel around the world. The team at WANDRD has launched a Kickstarter to create ...

Arlo Skye Inside Features

Arlo Skye - Hard Luggage for Minimalist Travelers

By: Austin Grandt

Take a second and picture the last carry-on you saw. It probably looked something like this. Black, rectangle, pilled fabric with a broken wheel or two. Most of us carry ...


See More of the World for Free with Award Ace

By: Austin Grandt

Every traveler I know seems to have miles scattered across multiple programs. Remember those flights you took with United when you were in college? It could be worth something if ...

Silver Air Underwear

Pack Lighter with SilverAir Underwear from Y Athletics

By: Austin Grandt

Ever feel like half of your bag is filled with underwear and socks? Having to pack so many pairs of underwear can take up a ton of space when traveling ...

Hoodie Pillow Feature

HoodiePillow Review and Field Test

By: Austin Grandt

As an avid traveler, I am always looking at ways of maximizing my money and miles so I can travel more often. This means often flying in coach and trying ...

Sidekix Travel App

Sidekix Helps You Explore New Cities as You Travel

By: Austin Grandt

Everyone wants to have a trip that diverges from the beaten path and is curated for their interests. There are many companies out there now trying to give this "locals ...

Aer Carry On Backpack

Aer Travel Pack - A New Carry-On Backpack

By: Austin Grandt

Every day there seems to be a cool new roller, duffle, or backpack that can improve the lives of travelers. Bags now seamlessly integrate tech, have improved design and have ...

Topo Designs Backpack

Topo Designs Mountain Pack Review

By: Ken San Juan

Topo Designs seems to have come out of nowhere with a huge line of products. I first saw their bags in Urban Outfitters and I feel like I often see ...

Woollip Travel Pillow

Woollip: A Smart Pillow for Travelers

By: Austin Grandt

If you are like me, you have a terrible time sleeping on planes. Between the movement of the plane, cramped seating, and thin pillows provided by the airline I almost ...

T Mobile Roaming Coverage Map

T-Mobile Free International Roaming Review

By: Austin Grandt

T-Mobile has recently been shaking up the cell phone space in the United States. They were the first to get rid of contracts, unlocked phones, and to include global coverage ...

New Startup Roveme Tells You the Best Time to Visit a Destination

By: Austin Grandt

A new startup called Roveme can tell you the best time of year to visit your destination. Roveme will even give you a bunch of ideas for what to do ...

The Grid Backpack

Customize Your Backpack with The Grid

By: Austin Grandt

A new Kickstarter project called The Grid is hoping to become your new backpack of choice with their innovative design. The backpack, created by KANCHA Design, describes the bag as ...

Tech Travel Essentials

Tech Travel Essentials to Stay Connected

By: Austin Grandt

Staying connected is key for many travelers these days. Whether you are a digital nomad or just wanting to stay in touch with friends at home, you need to make ...

Herschel Weekender Bag

Herschel Weekender Bag Review

By: Austin Grandt

The Herschel Weekender bag is a duffel bag that I have been using for the last year for nearly all of my travel. I received the bag as a gift ...

KP Duffle

Kickstarter: KP Duffle – The Ultimate Travel Bag

By: Austin Grandt

There have been a slew of amazing looking bags coming out of Kickstarter lately. Most new products have been focused on creating a new carry-on roller bag and haven’t focused ...