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Aer Travel Pack - A New Carry-On Backpack


June 7, 2016 - Austin Grandt

Every day there seems to be a cool new roller, duffle, or backpack that can improve the lives of travelers. Bags now seamlessly integrate tech, have improved design and have easy to reach pockets to keep everything you need close at hand. Kickstarter seems to be leading this push with their constant stream of travel tech.

We started our process with one goal in mind: to design the ultimate carry-on backpack for the smart traveler.

- Aer Team

Today we are taking a look at the Aer travel pack. This backpack promises to be the ultimate carry-on backpack. The team that created the bag is out of San Francisco California and they already had a successful Kickstarter called the Duffel Pack. I love backing follow-up Kickstarter projects because you already know that the team has executed on previous campaigns and will likely deliver on the product that you're buying from them.

Aer Bag Gear

The bag has features such as quick access pockets, storage for laptops, and a full zip clamshell design that allows you to easily pack your backpack to fit more gear. This backpack reminds me a lot of the other smart backpacks that are already on the market but this one unlike the others has a more slim design. Many of the other smart backpacks on the market seem really bulky and tend to be wider than a normal travelers shoulder width.

When taking a deeper look at all of the features there are a few that make it a truly Innovative a truly useful backpack. Immediately, the shoe compartment, quick access cable pocket and safe document pocket seem to be some of the best features of this bag. When we reviewed the Herschel Weekender bag the integrated shoe pocket was one of our favorite features. I was really excited to see this similar compartment be integrated into this backpack although I am skeptical as to how big of shoes you will be able to fit within this small looking pocket. From the picture, it looks like there should be enough room for most tennis shoes, but larger dress shoes or boots might be a problem.

Editors Note: A representative from the Aer team reached out and said that the pocket can fit up to a mens size 13 shoe. This should be enough room for most travelers to store their favorite extra pair of sneakers when traveling. 

Aer Shoe Pocket

If you're looking for extra organization the company has also come up with a toiletries bag that they called the Dopp Kit. It is an optimized toiletries bag that organizes and stores all of your personal items while you travel. Unlike other amenity kits it has multiple Pockets so everything isn't smashed together in one large compartment. I often use the amenity kits from Airlines as my toiletries bag and this one seems to be of higher quality and will fit anything you would need for a long weekend trip.  

So far the campaign has already surpassed their goal of $20,000. If you're in need of a new backpack or want to upgrade your current one please feel free to check it out on their Kickstarter page.
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