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Customize Your Backpack with The Grid


Feb. 27, 2016 - Austin Grandt

A new Kickstarter project called The Grid is hoping to become your new backpack of choice with their innovative design. The backpack, created by KANCHA Design, describes the bag as a modular backpack for nomads. With the rise of digital nomads and more people working remotely, having a bag that can be altered for your changing needs is an interesting idea. My personal everyday carry changes depending on what I have going on. I currently carry a bloated bag because I currently carry everything I might possibly need. Being able to change my bag configuration up and have specific pockets for specific types of days would be a better way to stay organized and keep me from lugging around the kitchen sink every day to work.

The Grid System

The design for the backpack relies on a modular system that allows you to change and customize the pockets on the front of your bag. According to the site, there is over 35,000 possible configurations with their system. The materials of their bags seem durable and are made out of leather and canvas, which are both materials that can take a beating.

The pockets come in three different sizes, small, medium, and large, that can be attached in numerous different ways to have the maximum functionality for what you need to carry. You simply clip the pocket you want to the grid and it securely stays on your bag. As an added bonus, KANCHA also designed the pockets to be able to function on their own as a purse, bike bag, or even a clutch to carry with you.

Sustainable and Fair

One of the coolest features about The Grid backpack was their attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every bag. They source their merino wool from Kyrgyzstan and are striving for having a sustainable impact in Kyrgyzstan by using local labor and paying fair wages. I personally am trying to be more aware of where my products are coming from and I like that they were very conscious about having their impact of the regions where they source their products. Their other message of high quality seemed very reminiscent of Chrome bags, which are known for their high quality.

Interested in purchasing your own grid backpack? Click here to check out their Kickstarter and watch the video below to learn more about their product.

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