The Hideout Travel Pillow wants to make your next flight more comfortable


Nov. 19, 2017 - Austin Grandt

Travelling, whether on car or plane, can be very tiring and can result in serious health problems. One such problem that commonly arises especially during the long journey is neck pain. To avoid this pain, there are varieties of neck pillows in the market that provides support to the neck. These pillows will also give you good sleep as they are designed to create resting positions to your head. One such pillow designed for providing a comfort while traveling is Hideout Travel Pillow.

Hideout Travel pillow is specially designed for promoting comfort and are really helpful because of its custom fit-feel. There are numerous other features too which makes this pillow as ultra comfortable and convenient to carry while traveling. Features are as below:

Hideout neck pillow

Heather, Microfiber Quilted, Pillow top

Hideout travel pillow will provide you ultra comfort while traveling because of its design and material used in it. The pillow comes with a memory foam core which results in more comfort and support than the other ones. Also, the pillow is complemented by a quilted microfiber pillow top, for making you feel relax while traveling.

Supreme neck support 

The memory foam pillow will provide you an excellent neck support by keeping it straight. The pillow is provided with a nozzle through which you can add extra air for more comfort and firmness, which makes this pillow adjustable in size. In the long journey, the pillow helps in giving you a comfortable sleep by keeping your head straight while sleeping.

Self Inflating

The pillow comes with a self-inflating feature which means that the pillow self-inflates in less than 5 seconds without any manual efforts. Still, for more comfort, you can blow in more air according to your preferences. The speedy and effortless inflation makes this pillow more convenient to use anywhere.


We normally do not carry travel pillows because of their weight, which is something to be taken care of especially while traveling in a plane. To overcome this situation, Hideout Travel pillow comes in a very small size as it packs up smaller than your rain jacket. While removing from the built-in pouch, the pillow self-inflates in less than 5 seconds and than by compressing the memory foam, the pillow can be packed back into the stuff pouch. This property makes the pillow compact and therefore easy to carry anywhere without worrying about its weight.

Washable Pillowcase

Last and one of the important benefits of this pillow is its removable pillowcase. The pillowcase can be washed regularly because of which its look will always remain as it is and the pillow can be used roughly. The pillow is provided with a ripstop nylon base which guarantees its durability that the pillow will remain as it is for years.

The pillow has everything which will provide you the same comfort as that of your favorite pillow at home and can be carried easily while traveling without worrying about its weight and size. Its convenient packable size and comfort will force you to take it everywhere with you and don’t worry about how to use this pillow, as it is very simple to use.

 Whether traveling for some business activity or pleasure, it is very important to have a comfortable journey, especially when traveling for long hours. We hope that the above features are enough to make you interested in checking this new product out.

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