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Kickstarter: KP Duffle – The Ultimate Travel Bag


Feb. 24, 2016 - Austin Grandt

There have been a slew of amazing looking bags coming out of Kickstarter lately. Most new products have been focused on creating a new carry-on roller bag and haven’t focused on my preferred everyday carry-on, the duffle bag. I personally love carrying a duffle as they tend to fit in the overhead bin better and aren’t as bulky when I jump on the subway to the airport.

That was why I was excited to see some innovation in the duffle space from KP Duffle. KP stands for keep pursuing and it looks like their team has been hard at work making modifications to duffle bags to better fit the modern traveler. If you really think about it, duffle bags have remained largely unchanged for…..well, forever. I’m excited to see new products making useful changes to this classic form of luggage.

What makes the KP Duffle so ultimate?



The creators of the KP Duffle have tried to think of everything that a modern traveler could want in a duffle bag. Many travelers choose to not carry a duffle bag currently because of the lack of organization. There normally aren’t many pockets and everything is in one big compartment with a top-loading zipper that can make it hard to keep things neat. The zipper on the top of the bag looks like it opens much wider than a normal duffel and should make it easier to place items inside the bag. The structure is also more sturdy than other duffels, which can lose their shape quickly and smoosh all of the items inside of your bag.

One of the biggest improvements in my opinion is the series of pockets for your electronics, shoes, and other small items. The utility hatch alone has enough space for your chargers, chords, and other everyday carry items.  I am a huge fan of the Herschel shoe compartment and was very excited to see that feature in their bag. No one likes to have the soles of their shoes against their clean clothes before a trip.

Where can I buy it?

The KP Duffle is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. There are a few color options and additional items, like a multi use pen, that are cool extras if you are thinking about purchasing. Click here to check it out and snag one for yourself.

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