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Pack Lighter with SilverAir Underwear from Y Athletics


July 26, 2016 - Austin Grandt

Ever feel like half of your bag is filled with underwear and socks? Having to pack so many pairs of underwear can take up a ton of space when traveling and if they are made of cotton, it can be hard to get a pair dry if you wash them in the sink while on the road. A new kickstarter from Y Athletics promises to improve your undergarments with their new product, the Silver Air Underwear. This is Y Athletics' 4th Kickstarter so they have a proven track record of getting things out to market. 

Travel Underwear 2.0

My initial reaction when learning about this product was "why do I need specific underwear for traveling?". But once I began to think about it, I realized how often I had trouble drying underwear after washing them in the sink or how uncomfortable they can get while walking around all day. I'm guessing many people had a similar reaction and it's cool to see people innovating in all aspects of travel.

The only other travel underwear I was familiar with was the Ex-Officio Give N Go line of products. I was able to get in touch with the team and ask what the key differences were between them and the competition. The team quickly responded to my questions with a thorough answers that highlighted their focus on materials, odor fighting abilities, and new technologies built into their product. It was convincing enough to me that I am curious to do a field test between the two in the future.

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Silver Air Underwear Features


The Silver Air Underwear uses fine merino wool, which is a natural yarn that is softer than most other underwear and is naturally temperature regulating so you can wear them year round. For anyone that has worn anything made out of merino, you can expect these to be really soft and pleasant to wear.

Fights Odors

The team told me that their combination of merino wool with silver woven into the fabric will fight help fight odor. This is one of the signature features of the product as the odor fighting effectiveness won't diminish with use. Other underwear in the space are treated with a solution to fight odor and with Silver Air it is in the fabric itself for longevity.

SmartGrip Technologies

Ever had your underwear bunch up and become uncomfortable throughout the day? The SmartGrip technology is meant to fight these problems and provide a more comfortable fit over the course of a day. I would like to test this directly as I have tried other products that promise similar technologies that only end up cutting my circulation off. Their system seems pretty novel and looks like it would be effective for staying comfortable while walking around a new city.

Silver Air Shot

For the Ladies

When reaching out to the team, I asked if there was an option for women. While they currently don't offer it, they said they plan to offer it in future product lines. If you are a woman traveler, this might be a good product to keep an eye on.

In Conclusion

There are ton of cool products being released on Kickstarter lately. It was refreshing to see a company focus on something other than a new bag (not that I don't love the new bags out there) and they took a novel approach to a problem that most travelers have. If you are looking for something like this, support their Kickstarter

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