Herschel Weekender Bag

Herschel Weekender Bag Review


Dec. 26, 2015 - Austin Grandt

The Herschel Weekender bag is a duffel bag that I have been using for the last year for nearly all of my travel. I received the bag as a gift and it quickly overtook the place of the carry on sized roller that I normally carry. The bag retail for right around $80 USD and can be found at most Urban Outfitters or any other retailers that carry Herschel Products.

Herschel Weekender Bag

Herschel Weekender Bag

Durability - 85 / 100
Look And Feel - 95 / 100
Size - 80 / 100
Value - 85 / 100


Most travelers want their duffel bag to be rugged and able to store a lot of stuff without being too clunky. The Herschel Weekender fits the bill and it can be easily maneuvered and doesn’t take up a ton of room while waiting in the gate area or if you’re on a bus. While there are larger duffels on the market, they can quickly become too heavy for carrying across a large airport and can be a pain to maneuver down the increasingly small aisles of an airplane.

Even though the bag has more than enough room for a long weekend jaunt, I would not recommend business travelers to use this bag. Clothes can often become wrinkled and if you have to carry a jacket, there really isn’t enough room for that piece of clothing. I took the bag on a business trip once and found myself frantically ironing my clothes 20 minutes before I was supposed to be to a meeting.


The bag itself has a high quality look and feel to it and has proven to be very durable. This thing has been through the ringer! I’ve checked it, sat on it, and smushed it in many overhead bins and it has still kept it’s shape and doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear. The only thing that has taken damage so far is my luggage tag!

The straps and accents are covered in leather and are able to take abuse unlike other duffel bags that I’ve used in the past. The leather has the dual benefit of being both more rugged and nicer looking than cheaper duffels.

Special Features

One of the best features of the bag is the zippered shoe compartment at the end of the bag. Herschel advertises this as their special innovation in the world of duffel bags. At first, I was pretty skeptical that it would prove to be super useful but I’ve found myself utilizing this feature every time I use the bag. Two pairs of shoes can comfortably fit inside the compartment given that one is a sporty shoe that can be flattened a bit.


Verdict and Recommendations

After conducting the Herschel Weekender Review, I would recommend the bag for leisure travelers that carry another bag like a backpack when they travel. Business travelers and people who want to only carry one bag would likely find this bag too small and there aren’t compartments for a laptop or toiletries. This bag will likely stay my go to for shorter trips even as some of the newer carry on bags with technology come out.

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