New Startup Roveme Tells You the Best Time to Visit a Destination


March 13, 2016 - Austin Grandt

A new startup called Roveme can tell you the best time of year to visit your destination. Roveme will even give you a bunch of ideas for what to do during the best times of the year. I found a lot of interesting festivals when looking at Amsterdam and I suspect their database of cool things is only going to grow.

Rove Activities

I came across this startup while browsing through Angel list and I thought that the idea was really interesting. When I find a good deal on flights, I often find myself wondering why the flights are so cheap. To find out the weather, what to do, etc. I scour multiple sites looking for the information that I need. Roveme has brought together all of this information and even provides a nice graph of the attractiveness of the location throughout the year. I would like to see the information about the weather, what to do, etc. be a little more pronounced at the top of the page, but it is still a relatively easy to use interface.

Rove Hero Image

If you want to save some of their destinations as a "wishlist" you can log in with Facebook and start making a bucket list of your own. Their current list of destinations has most of the standard locations one would want to go and I suspect that in the future they will be adding more destinations onto their list.

For those who are wanting a simple app to help find their next travel destination, make sure to check out Roveme and give it a whirl. I think that while it is the early days of this app, it has the potential to be super useful for travelers wanting to take advantage of a cheap fare or simply as a resource to make sure you're prepared when traveling to a new place.

Are there any resources you use when making sure the weather is good or finding things to do? Leave them in the comments below!

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