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Essential Travel Packing List for Women


Nov. 2, 2017

Creating an essential travel packing list for women can be tough. Having weather, special occasions, and doing multiple types of activities can make packing a chore. Questions like, Is it hot there, or cold? Will there be any special occasions? Possibly extreme sports and adventures tours? Should I pack my high heels as well? Is there any good drug store, you know, just in case I need painkillers? All those are the questions most women will ask and research before going to the trip. Women like to start with packing and preparations for the trip much sooner than men do. Smart planning and packing can prevent oversized bags and last minute shopping at the unknown location. All occasions have to be covered in one bag, and it is not that hard as expected.

Th most important item in our closet on the road are comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes. Easy to travel clothes which can be re-purposed later on is a win situation.

Light dress and leggings

Airy dress combined with leggings is a handy trick, and with it, you can get three different combinations. Dress for hot days, leggings to match with a regular t-shirt or both in the case it gets chilly.

All day shoes

A cross between business shoes and runners. Hard to find, but such a saving thing especially for luggage limitations. You can wear them to sightseeing, a dinner out or casual meetings.

However, an essential feature is comfortable. A trip by its definition means a lot of time spent outside of the home and on the go. You want to feel comfortable. An essential item is carrying a pair of athletic shoes. These can be dressed up possibly and if you have extra room in your bag bag, simple black flat shoes or sandals can be a great addition to cover more formal occasions.


Travel makeup kit, toothbrush, and refillable travel bottles should be part of your toiletry bag. You can add other items as you like, but having all the items travel size helps to downsize your toiletry bag. If you're staying more than ten days in the same location, you can always buy missing items in the local shop. Your toiletry bag should also contain painkillers, tampons, moisturizer and small nail scissors or nail clipper.


A large pashmina is one of the items you can use in all sorts of the locations and occasions. You can use it if it gets cold on the plane. If it is windy, and in some cases to enter temples or churches if you're not dressed appropriately. It is good to have it on the beach or in the park to sit down and have a picking.


Having a money belt or small bag to store your belongings under the clothes is for sure useful item.  You can put the passport in it, cards and money. Ladies bags tend to be an easier target to rob.  This way you can have most important things always next to you.

A packing list is different for each country and trip duration. Keep it in mind when you make a packing list. Some women travel lightweight and do not carry items such as an extra pair of shoes. Someone like to have every occasion covered, and this includes matching high heels and purse.  If your bag and occasion allow you to have three different styles covered, great, go ahead and take the favorite black dress. 


Inside your bag you should carry:

1 pair of  walking shoes

1 pair of all black flats or sandals

1 handbag or tote bag for water and snacks

1 pashmina

2 dresses

2 pairs of jeans/shorts (depends on the climate)

4-5 shirts or tank tops


5-7 pairs of underwear

5-7 pairs of socks

2 undershirts

2 bras

Gym t-shirt

1 blouse

1 cardigan or jacket

1 pyjama


Toiletry Bag:




Travel toothbrush kit

Moisturizers with SPF

Disposable razor

Travel size perfume


Makeup (lipstick, foundation, blush, mascara)

Hand sanitizer

Nail clippers

Travel size hair brush

Tampons or hygienic pads


Favourite earrings or necklace



Extra battery

Travel kit (inflatable sleep pillow, earplugs, eye mask)

No matter the size of the bag, use the simple rule, called - "Will I wear high heels at the end of the day?"  

Put all your clothes and things you’d like to take on the one pile, and separate with the method:

a) I need it

b) I have to think do I need it

And remember you can always see what the local shops offer. A new dress is a good souvenir!

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