Paris Packing List

Paris Packing List


Dec. 31, 2015 - Austin Grandt

Paris is on almost everyone’s travel list. The plethora of art, culture, and great food make it a sought after destination for any traveler. In fact, it was the 3rd most visited city in 2015 with an estimated 16 million visitors.

When creating your own Paris packing list make sure you pack for the season in which you will be traveling there. Paris experiences 4 seasons and temperatures will vary greatly depending on when you are there. You can find great information on average temperature and weather at this link.

Our Paris Packing List

Walking Shoes

Paris is a city meant for walking. A lot. Between walking the beautiful promenades to meandering through a museum, you are likely going to walk a lot. On my last trip to Paris we took a nice leisurely stroll from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, which is nearly 3 miles in itself! Needless to say, pack a pair of shoes that won’t give you blisters and can stand up to miles of walking each day without leaving your feet sore.

A Credit Card With a Chip


Having a credit card with a chip isn’t a problem for most people from countries outside of the United States. If you are from the United States, make sure you pack a card that has a chip as many times a card without it won’t work. I nearly wasn’t able to pay for dinner trying to use my regular card and was only saved when I realized I had another that happened to have a chip in it.

A Light Waterproof Jacket

We found the weather in Paris to be slightly unpredictable. The day we traveled to Versailles it started out sunny, then torrential downpour, then cloudy all within a matter of a few hours. We were lucky to have kept packable rain jackets in our backpacks otherwise the day could have been very soggy. You can normally pick up one of these jackets for around $40 and they pack up very small and nicely in your bag. Some even come with a carrying case for ultimate space savings.

A Backpack

Having a backpack to carry souvenirs, jackets, and museum pamphlets came in very handy throughout our entire trip. If you are backpacking in Europe with a large bag, we suggest taking a smaller day pack for both comfort and security. Paris is known for pickpockets and you are more likely to be less of a target and feel someone reaching into your bag if it is smaller.

Paris Packing List Recap

  • Walking Shoes
  • A Credit Card With a Chip
  • A Light Waterproof Jacket
  • A Backpack

Have anything you would like to add? Something we missed? Leave a comment below!

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