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What to Pack for a Cruise


Nov. 10, 2017

Cruise packing is not the same as packing for a tropical island getaway. Normally, you can simply place everything in one substantial checked bag, and when you arrive, you'll deal with it. While this normally works, forgetting something can be costly. If you forget something, it can result in last-minute pre-board shopping at the port shop, or just not have what you need on board. 

Before you even start to pile the clothes you think you’ll need, it is advisable to confirm what are the cruise line rules in regards the luggage restrictions and dress code.

Same as for the flights you will need to arrive few hours before to do the check-in process. Your bag will be sent to unknown, and you will not see it for the following couple of hours. As of this reason, the best thing would be to pack a carry on luggage. Four wheels roll-aboard luggage is the most convenient choice as it is easy to navigate with it around the hallways and boat levels. All you need in the first few hours will be close to you. 

If you using just a carry on bag we suggest:

●     swimwear

●     flipflops or sandals

●     sun lotion

●     light jacket

●     light pants

●     hat

●     toiletries bag with medicines(motion sickness pills, painkillers, allergy pills)

●     a book or e-reader

●     power bank and power adapter

●     travel pouch with documents and some money in small notes

Power Bank Suggestion: Anker 10000 Compact Power Adapter

There is no worse feeling than being by the pool on your ship and not having enough juice for your devices. Our team likes carrying extra power banks to avoid this situation so we can enjoy the sun on the deck.

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Charges your phone multiple times
  • Reasonably priced


  • For those that don't want to charge the battery on their trip, maybe look into a larger one

E-Reader Suggestion: Kindle

Our team are huge fans of the kindle e-readers. Amazon has a huge selection of books and you can carry thousands of books in less space than it takes to carry one book.

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  • Holds thousands of books
  • Can read in all weather conditions
  • Small and easy to use


  • Sometimes you want the feeling of a real book
  • Requires WiFi to download new books if you run out

Packing Your Checked Bag

Packing your checked bag will be defined by the cruise line dress code and locations you have in the cruise itinerary. Also, a length of the cruise will help you a lot when packing. If the journey is ten days long around the Caribbean, you know you will not need as much as for a month cruise which includes a visit to Alaska.  Cruise trip offers a lot of on board activities. It is not all about the pool, cocktails, and casino. You can try the water parks, indoor golf, climbing walls, dance class.

Divide your checked bag to fit the categories, such as casual sightseeing afternoon on the boat, relaxed dinner, formal wear for receptions and gala dinner, sportswear and pool wear.

Cruise trips have one thing in common; as soon as you get off the boat a lot of walking and sightseeing will be ahead of you.  A camera and extra battery pack will have to be in your day pack, as well as a lot of water and small money notes in local currency to get souvenirs. In addition to day pack and camera, don't forget a hat and comfy walking shoes.

Cruise onboard

Day Trips and Sightseeing

Day trips organized by the cruise companies have dedicated tour guides, and you can always ask questions about the location you're visiting.  To get better understanding and insight in the local culture, you can get a travel guidebook.

One book to cover the region you're visiting will be enough.

To be always on time, and not late for a meeting with trip guides, it is good to take small hand watch and city center map. You can get one on the boat or once you get on the shore in one of the local tourist information points. City center maps are free in most cases, and you can use it to mark the spots and locations you'd like to check in free time.

If you are taking a checked bag we suggest:

●     2 cocktails dresses

●     1 pair high heels shoes and sandals

●     1 small clutch handbag for ladies

●     tuxedo or black tie suit and formal shoes for men

●     1 blazer and smart casual pants

●     smart casual shoes

●     3 collared t-shirts

●     2 shirts

●     running shoes

●     7-10 days worth of underwear

●     pajamas

●     extra swimwear

●     long pants

●     casual blazer

●     light jacket

●     pair of jeans

●     pair of shorts

●     toiletry bag (to hang on the doors and keep things neat in the small cabins)

●     small lock to lock the important belongings

●     extra hangers

●     ear plugs

Luggage Set Pick: American Tourister

If you need a set of luggage you can't go wrong with the American Tourister for your cruise. The different sized bags allow you to figure out how much you need so you can bring the optimal sized bag.

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  • A great value
  • Multiple sizes for different types of travelers


  • Not hardside luggage if that is your preference

Once you think you are packed and have everything you need, go ahead and find out what is the maximum amount of the wine you can carry on the boat. Take your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy the night sky.

Enjoy your trip! 

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