Cathy Reis

Cathy Ries

Technology Consultant | San Jose | 10-15 Countries

I am a technology consultant by weekday and world traveler by weekend. I tend to take the high road and regularly travel to luxury resorts and off the beaten path type of destinations. My blog is a review of my travels ranging from yachting excursions with The Yacht Week to exclusive resorts in the Canary Islands. I also have some budget travel in the mix and offer tips on how to travel cheaply yet lavishly.

In their bag

Northface Puffer

Northface puffer jacket so I won't freeze on the airplane.

It's practical in that I can squeeze the entire jacket into one of its own pockets but the 800 down fill power keeps me warm, even in snow. I have worn this jacket with a tshirt underneath in snow and was not cold. It's amazing!

Delsey Chatlet

Macbook, camera bag, canon 6d, canon 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 STM Lens, iPhone

The macbook and iphone are lightweight and are used for blogging. I get all of my favorite shots with my Canon 6D


Key Rings

It's a reminder of my travels wherever I go. You always need your keys!

Reading Blog

Blogs as reading material instead of magazines.

I've found some awesome travel blogs such as The Blonde Abroad and these blogs have inspired me to travel more and check out more parts of the world.

Delsey Chatlet

Delsey Chatlet carry on luggage

I love the sort of vintage look it has from the white with leather accents. Makes me feel as if I'm going back in time just a bit. It's a hardshell so it's very durable yet stylish. I looked for a long time to find one that fit everything I wanted in a carry on.

Spare Change

Spare change hidden in random pockets.

Money is king and you never know when the place is cash-only. Credit cards can only go so far!