jessica yurasek

Jessica Yurasek

Social Media Strategist/Community Manager | San Francisco | 43 Countries

Global Storyteller + Social Strategist at Praytell Agency. Community Manager for Twitter @video. Collector of curiosities, ideas, beauty. Traveler for life. Changemaker for social good.

In their bag

Osprey Bag

Osprey Farpoint 55L + detachable daypack

I adore this backpack. It's easy to carry, it's small enough to qualify as carry-on luggage, and being able to zip up the shoulder straps is a gloriously smart design detail. I also love the size limitation because it forces me to ship purchases home or to refrain from buying things at all. In addition to all that, the detachable mini backpack continues to be a great handbag on it's own.

Leather belt

My custom made leather waist belt or, what some might call a stylish fanny pack.

Purses are sometimes pesky—they are easily stolen or left behind. I keep my most vital travel bits strapped to my body almost at all times, minimizing the risk of loss or theft and making my life oh so much more practical. I have my waist belt strapped onto me at almost all times. Besides the basic contents of any normal wallet, inside I carry: a safety whistle, earplugs, a few Tylenol, and tissues (read: toilet paper in India) An essential item for any travel packing list.

The golfinch

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch is an epic tale of the paradox of life (joy + suffering), and the importance of the beauty of art. It seemed like a great book to read on my latest travel journey to Hawaii.

Macbook and iPhone

iPhone 6, Macbook Air, Mophie, Hard Drive Backups

My unlocked iPhone offers connectivity everywhere. I can buy SIM cards and swap them out in each new country or hop on wifi networks. As an avid Instagrammer, photographing with my phone on the fly is my jam. Of course my Macbook Air is lightweight and enables me to blog while on the road. I rarely ever run out of battery power on my iPhone thanks to my Mophie!

Jessica Patagonia Vest

Patagonia down puffy vest

Vests are super versatile and great insulation for layering up when it's suddenly chilly outside or on a plane. They're also easy to pack since they fold up smaller than a full-sized jacket.

antique tins collectable

Antique mini tins with beautiful typography

With a background in design, I appreciate lovely typography. My mom has collected antiques ever since I was little, so I developed an appreciation for old artifacts with character. They are beautiful, old artifacts that are affordable, small and easy to carry. Also, I like things that are mini.

jessica mini cards

Custom photo mini cards!

As a photographer, my customized moo mini cards contain images from previous travels. They are great little gifts to leave behind with new friends, not to mention excellent conversation starters since people are always excited to ask about where the photos were taken.