Jon Khoo

Jonathan Khoo

Developer | Fremont, CA | 72 Countries

I'm a digital semi-nomad -- a programmer who works from home in California for a tech company in Pennsylvania, but realized a couple of years ago that means I could work from anywhere that has decent internet. I usually try and take one international trip a month, basically to wherever there's a cheap ticket.

In their bag

Timbuk2 Showdown

Timbuk2 Showdown

Holds my daybag (a Timbuk2 Freestyle which in turn holds a lot of other stuff), my laptop, and a ton of accessories. I like that it has numerous outside pockets which I use to separate my stuff into organized groups so I don't need to rummage around.


Departures and Travel & Leisure

They focus on travel way outside my budget but I like to see where people are going and how they're doing it, and then thinking of ways I can adapt that for myself.

Burts Bees Wet Wipes

Wet wipes (currently Burt's Bees cucumber and sage facial cleansing towelettes)

Nothing better to clean your hands with when you've eating something sticky and there's no bathroom, or wipe the sweat and dirt and grime off you (especially your face) if you're out about about in the heat.

Muji Jeans

Muji jeans

Slim but with lots of stretch, and great dark colors -- my favorite jeans.

iPhone iPad Camera

iPhone 6, iPad Mini and a portable Bluetooth speaker, Audio-Technica ANC23 noise-cancelling earbuds,

iPhone 6: My everything iPad Mini and a portable Bluetooth speaker: Spotify for when I'm working through the night and Kindle for travel books Audio-Technica ANC23 noise-cancelling earbuds: noise-cancelling without the bulk of over-the-ear headphones Thinkpad Carbon X1: work laptop Jockery external battery: for when I inevitably run out of juice Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50 camera: I usually only take pictures with my phone, but a compact camera with lots of zoom can come in handy at times T-Mobile SIM: the free international roaming is a great fallback until I can get a local SIM card

Reusable Grocery Bag

A thin reusable tote bag for grocery shopping

No point paying for bags when you go shopping in Europe. Oh yeah, I keep a pair of swimming trunks in my luggage at all times because you never know!

T Shirt

T-shirts from local stores

With or without local designs, they're things that don't just gather dust on the shelf or get eaten or used up. Every time I put them on, I'm reminded of that trip.