Lachlan Nicholson

Marketer | Brisbane | 11 Countries

Hey my name is Lachlan! I'm a creative guru by day, and hopefully asleep by night. I'm a traveller, blogger, forward thinker, millennial marketer and coffee addict. I live in beautiful Australia, and wouldn't trade it for the world!

In their bag

Proper Power Pack

Proper Power Pack

This is the only backup battery you'll ever need. Proper Power is a 9000mAh capacity battery, wrapped in an anodized aluminium protective unibody shell, is only 11.5mm thin and a featherweight 145g lite. Did you find that sexy? I did. Power is everything - so instead of buying cheap Chinese power pack, think twice. Invest in one of these!

Nike Puffer Jacket

Nike Puffer Jumper

These Nike puffer jumpers are incredible. They are ten times lighter than wearing my leather jacket, but keep me twice as warm. I love feeling unrestricted and soft and comfy when surrounded by freezing temperatures. Highly recommend you grab one!

Leather Bag

Classic Leather Bag

Every man needs a good dose of classic leather. Leather shoes, wallet and a bag. I grabbed this beauty in Europe. It's perfect for both the overnight work trip, and international legs. I can fit my laptop, books and charger + some clothes and even my Canon 70D. Leather is water proof too!


Travel Lifesaver: My Girlfriend

My beautiful girlfriend is Chinese and truly understands how to deal with sickness the natural way when on the road. Her laughs and chill personality keeps me happy and travel sane. If i get sick, she's quick to know what herbal tea or remedy to fix me up quick!

Coffee and Tea

Tea or Coffee - and All Types!

I enjoy sourcing out the local tea or coffee from where I am staying. I do regularly run into issues with border control bringing it home - but it's worth the hassle. Recently I returned from China and brought home some famous Yunnan coffee and Snow Mountain tea, sourced from a tea over 1000 years old.

Rework Book


ReWork sums up modern day startups. You don't need a million dollars and heaps of mass and old-school corporate practices to win in business! Jason Fried, the founder of BaseCamp software beautifully explains how in this book...