Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

Travel blogger | Austin, TX | 80+ Countries

I run the popular budget travel blog, Nomadic Matt.  I’m also the author of the New York Times best-seller, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, the owner of the hostel HK Austin, the founder of the non-profit Foundation for Leadership and Youth Travel Education (FLYTE), and a huge travel enthusiast!

In their bag

Rei Backpack

REI Backpack

I like carrying a backpack because I travel a lot. When I go away for a long time, I carry my big backpack on my back, and smaller (carry-on) backpack on my front and I’m ready to walk! (I don’t think I’ve physically rolled a carry-on or regular piece of luggage since I was kid vacationing with my parents!)

Mac and Iphone

iPhone and Laptop

Without my iPhone, I’d be lost. I carry it everywhere I go, using it to take notes, photos, read articles, listen to music on long bus rides, and do all of my social media. As a blogger, a smartphone is an absolute must nowadays. I have a great phone plan that allows me to use my data package and text freely from 140+ countries around the world! I also carry a laptop. Other than that, that’s all I carry! Those two do it all!


Books from my Book Club

Before I travel, I stock up on books—lots of books. Last trip, I carried 6 paperbacks with me and then needed to reload halfway through my trip! Can you tell I love to read? I love reading so much that I’ve even created a travel book club for my readers so I can share all of my favorite books with them too! I prefer real books to ebooks because I stare at screens during my workday. I like the feeling of real books in my hands. Plus, they’re great items to pass on to other travelers as you move!



You never know when you’ll need a towel.

Hand Sanatizer

Hand Sanatizer

Hand sanitizer! You never know when there won’t be soap. There are a lot of germs on the road and this stuff is a lifesaver! Literally!